Bohemian style living room

5 ways to add bohemian style to your home

Bohemian style is all about color, vintage pieces, mixing textures and lots of plants.

When I think about bohemian style, I think anthropologie but with more plants. It’s a free-spirited decorating style with an emphasis on bright colors and eclectic and vintage pieces. The style can be intimidating because on the surface it looks chaotic but there is a method to the madness. Here are 5 ways to embrace bohemian style in your home.

One. Mixing textures

There are no rules, so mix textures with reckless abandon. Think woods like teak and walnut for that vintage feel mixed with other organic elements like wool and leather and feminine accents like velvet and fur. You could do a leather sofa with velvet cushions and a fur throw over top of a wool rug, for example. It doesn’t have to be cohesive, it just needs to feel purposeful.

Two. Plants, plants and more plants

Go wild with plants and create your very own indoor jungle. Play with different heights of stands, hanging plants, pot colors and patterns, and varying plant sizes to bring your space to life.

Three. Vibrant colors

Perhaps the hallmark of bohemian style is the use of color. Bring in pops of color in your art, throw pillows, blankets and drapery to accent white walls or go bold with a floral wallpaper for a more dramatic effect. Think vibrant colors and patterns that will warm up your space.

Four. Vintage pieces

To achieve that eclectic feel, find creative ways to make use of vintage pieces. Browse flea markets, antique shops and estate sales for decorative items to accent your shelves and tables, and spruce up old furniture by adding new hardware, like knobs and handles, upholstery or a fresh coat of paint.

Five. Art and accessories

Leave no surface untouched. Do a gallery wall filled with photographs, prints and paintings and mix it up with woven decor like a macrame hanging or a wall weave. Have multiple piles of books stacked intentionally around the room and a generous supply of throw pillows, keepsakes, decorative objects and trinkets. The key here is to create visual interest.

The beauty of bohemian style in your home is that more is more and anything goes, so have fun, be bold and let your personality shine.

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